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New therapies for ocular Inflammation – patient and investor perspectives

Gary D. Novack, Ph.D. PharmaLogic Development, Inc., San Rafael CA and Departments of Pharmacology and Ophthalmology, University of California, Davis.

Ron Neumann, M.D. Clinical Consultant Maccabi Health Care Services



To evaluate the potential for development of novel therapies to benefit patients with Inflammatory Eye Diseases.



We used our experience to consider the therapeutic needs of patients vis-à-vis the real-world considerations for capital investment.



 Continued research in the inflammatory and immune response generates potential therapies for inflammation. The eye has many advantages for hypothesis testing of these therapies. While there are both on-label and off-label treatments available for some patients’ needs, many are not served, or inadequately served by current therapies, especially for posterior segment disease. By definition, the population available for clinical studies, as well as for eventual marketing, is becoming smaller once new therapies become available. Nonetheless, unmet medical need in the form of patients who either do not respond to current therapy, or develop dose-limiting adverse events is critical to many of our patients. Practically this unmet need gives high value for therapies in this sight-threatening disease. There is still a potential for positive investment either when it is intended for niche indication or for specific situations for larger populations.



Successful development of novel therapies for chronic ocular inflammation are economically possible and medically justified. It involves good science, “drug-able” targets, innovative development and reimbursement plans for treatments that have substantial favorable outcomes for patients.

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