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Saturday, 3/18/2023

08:00 am - 09:30 am

Moderators: Sophia Wang, MD, MS and Sylvia Groth, MD

  • 8:00 am - 8:03 am: Welcome and Introduction (Sophia Wang, MD, MS)

  • 8:03 am - 8:13 am: Epidemiology of Uveitic Glaucoma   and Outcomes of Surgery in a Large Multicenter Uveitis Registry (Sylvia Groth, MD)

  • 8:13 am - 8:25 am: Optimizing Medical Therapy for Uveitic Glaucoma (Ben Frankfort, MD, PhD)

  • 8:25 am - 8:40 am: Trabs vs Tubes in Uveitis: What Impacts My Decision Making (Peter Netland, MD, PhD)

  • 8:40 am - 8:55 am: MIGS in Uveitic Glaucoma: Evidence and Experience (Mina Pantcheva, MD)

  • 8:55 am – 9:02 am: Autoimmune Biomarkers and AI Algorithms Could Lead to New Diagnosis and Assessment of Risk of Progression in Glaucoma (Franz Grus, MD, PhD)

  • 9:05 am - 9:30 am: Panel Discussion / Q & A

                                         Moderators: Sophia Wang, MD, MS, and Sylvia Groth, MD

                                         Case Presentation:  John Samples, MD

                                         Panel:  Ben Frankfort, MD, PhD, Peter Netland, MD, PhD, Mina Pantcheva, MD

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